Landscape Design
From the very beginning, we will be with you for every step in the process of remodelling your property. Whether it be livening up your front yard, creating fresh curb appeal for your customers or decking out the backyard with pathways, water features and lighting. We believe it is imperative to fully understand a client’s vision and meet in accordance to the scope of the project to ensure we meet all of your expectations. We want to make sure that the project space is being reconfigured to compliment your home and property while being tailored to your tastes and desires. The initial consultation will be the jumping off point to determine your budget, time frame, the usage of your new-found space and preferences for types of vegetation and novelty accents. Shortly following, we wish to take a tour of your property to discuss and evaluate the climate and soil conditions, views, and drought or drainage issues. By the time you return to our office for the second meeting, we will have a rough design ready to receive your input and suggestions to further make your vision a reality. 
Landscape Construction
When we approach any project, we always start from the ground up. Having finalized all the various components of the approved design plan, we will follow a step-by-step approach to ensure no essential requirements or details are missed. We believe in starting with a strong and solid foundation in our design plans and in our landscape construction practices. This aids us in avoiding any untimely delays or unnecessary labour and material costs. Our team and equipment fleet is ready to tackle a wide range of tasks including backfilling, grading and excavating your property to prepare the site as required. We are able to enhance your property with additional constructed features including but not limited to:
Stone Paths
​Retaining Walls
Stone Feature Walls
Patios and Decks

With all projects, we offer the installation and maintenance of a variety of irrigation systems suited for both residential and commercial properties. Two common mistakes that can lead to plant loss and added expenses for the owner is over-watering or under-watering your property during the winter or summer months respectively. Having an irrigation system installed during the construction phase takes the guess work out of the future care of your soon-to-be finished project. Based on the needs of the property we select, design and construct a suitable irrigation system with the appropriate amount of water pressure, distribution points, and watering times installed. With a properly installed irrigation system, you will have an efficient, effective and environmentally friendly water distribution that helps extend the life of your plants and grass while eliminating any unnecessary water usage. 

We also offer regular evaluations of your irrigation system to maintain its optimal output by checking for damaged spray heads, spray pattern discrepancies, minimum to no overspray onto sidewalks and offer preventative measures for pipes cracking during the winter months.


We offer year-round and seasonal maintenance services to further nourish and care for your property to provide optimal growth for each year to come. Understanding what each type of plant requires allows us to gauge the proper time to step in and offer something appropriate and specific based on their life cycle.  Whether it be cedar hedges, annuals, perennials, trees or shrubs, we know we can provide the best solution/advice that is catered specifically to your garden’s health. If you own a vacation property in the Okanagan Valley, we would be more than happy to offer all of the same maintenance services so you’re ready to enjoy the spectacle that is your vacation property without any additional worries.

We strive to make sure your property is ready to tackle any season with an array of services including but not limited to:
Spring/Summer/Fall Pruning and Clean Up
Lawn and Garden Pre and Post Winter Prep
Tree and Hedge Trimming
Mowing and Trimming
Weed & Pest Control
Irrigation Winterization and Post Winter Prep

The possibilities don’t stop there! We can take your property to the next level by incorporating one or more of our many novelty products. Want to have a water feature for your guests to see as they enter your home? Want to listen to your favourite playlist while enjoying your evening on your patio? You can have all of that and more! We offer many lighting and audio solutions, pools and water feature ideas to make your outdoor space the gathering spot in your neighbourhood. Running out of space to accommodate all of your guests inside? We can further increase your usable square footage by building a series of outdoor kitchen stations, living and dining rooms to make you and your guests more comfortable. With the warm summer days in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, there should be no reason why we can’t all enjoy the great outdoors.
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